Classified and campaign advertisements


The Advertisement Section plays a vital role in the dissemination of information and promotion of various initiatives. It is responsible for the release of classified advertisements to the media, including tenders, job advertisements, notices, and expressions of interest. Furthermore, the section handles the release of campaign advertisements to the media, ensuring effective communication of important messages and initiatives. It also manages display advertisements across different platforms, including print media, online publications, and digital platforms. This includes the placement of TV commercials on relevant channels, utilizing the power of audiovisual media to reach a wider audience. The Advertisement Section also leverages social media platforms, publisher sites, and the Google Display Network (GDN) for targeted digital advertising. Additionally, the section coordinates with both department-owned and private FM radio stations for radio spots to reach a diverse audience. It oversees Mobile Advertising (MAD) campaigns utilizing SMS and robocall technology. Lastly, the section manages Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising by strategically placing billboards, streamers, and gantries to capture attention and reinforce key messages. Through these diverse advertising channels and mediums, the Advertisement Section ensures effective communication and wide-reaching visibility for various initiatives, campaigns, and important information.

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