Journalistic Affairs of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


The Press Registrar Section serves as the 2nd Attached Department/Section under the direct authority of the Secretary Information. It carries out various essential functions to ensure the smooth operation of the press and media industry. One of its key responsibilities is the issuance and cancellation of Newspapers Declarations, which grants newspapers their official status. The section also plays a crucial role in facilitating journalists by overseeing matters such as compensation, Media Colonies, Grant-In-Aid, and Special Grants to support their professional endeavors. Additionally, the Press Registrar Section is responsible for maintaining and managing the Journalists Welfare Endowment Fund, ensuring the welfare and well-being of journalists. Furthermore, the section handles the registration process for newspapers, advertising agencies, and printing presses, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. It conducts meticulous scrutiny of newspapers and issues Regularity Certificates to validate their adherence to professional standards. The section also plays a role in recommending newspapers to be included or excluded from the Provincial Media List. It conducts verification visits to newspapers, advertising agencies, and printing presses to ensure compliance with regulations. Moreover, the Press Registrar Section provides necessary No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for the registration of Press Clubs, facilitating their establishment and operation. Through these diverse functions, the section contributes to maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the press industry while promoting the welfare of journalists and supporting the dissemination of accurate and reliable information.

Registration of Newspapers

Journalists Welfare Endowment Fund

Maintaining Provincial Media List

All matters of Press Clubs

Registered Newspapers
Printing Presses
Compensation for Journalists
NOCs Issued