Registered Newspaper

List of Registered Newspaper Jan 2023

S.NoName of NewspapersNo of PagesCategory
1Daily 92 News Peshawar10Provincial
2Daily Aaj Abbottabad8Local
3Daily Aaj Peshawar12Provincial
4Daily Aaj Subh Peshawar8Provincial
5Daily Adan Peshawar 8Provincial
6Daily Aeen Peshawar12Provincial
7Daily Akhbar Abbottabad6Local
8Daily Akhbar-e-Haq Islamabad8National
9Daily Akhbar Khyber Peshawar8Provincial
10Daily Akhbar Peshawar8Provincial
11Daily Al Jamiat e Sarhad Peshawar8Provincial
12Daily Al-Akhbar Peshawar8Provincial
13Daily Ausaf Islamabad10National
14Daily Awam Un Nas Peshawar8Provincial
15Daily Awam Un Nas Rawalpindi8National
16Daily Awam Un Nas Swat4Local
17Daily Awami Dastak6Local
18Daily Awaz e Pakhtunkhwa Pwr8Provincial
19Daily Awaz e Shehr Peshawar8Provincial
20Daily Awaz e Subh Peshawar8Provincial
21Daily Azadi Peshawar8Provincial
22Daily Bagram Peshawar8Provincial
23Daily Basha News Besham Shangla2023-06-04 00:00:00Local
24Daily Bayan Peshawar8Provincial
25Daily Chand Swat6Local
26Daily Charsadda News Charsadda6Local
27Daily Country News Peshawar8Provincial
28Daily Dhun Peshawar8Provincial
29Daily Dawn Islamabad18-42National
30Daily Dunya Islamabad10National
31Daily Express Peshawar12Provincial
32Daily Express Tribune Islamabad18-42National
33Daily Frontier News Peshawar8Provincial
34Daily Frontier Post Peshawar12Provincial
35Daily Frontier Times Peshawar8Provincial
36Daily Geo Hazar, Haripur8Local
37Daily Hamawam Peshawar8Provincial
38Daily Hastnagartimes Charsadda8Local
39Daily Hewad Peshawar2023-06-08 00:00:00Provincial
40Daily Hurmat Peshawar8Provincial
41Daily Illhaq Peshawar8Provincial
42Daily Intibah Peshawar8Provincial
43Daily Islam Peshawar 8Provincial
44Daily Ittehad Abbottabad2023-08-04 00:00:00Local
45Daily Jang Rawalpindi1930-12-01 00:00:00National
46Daily Jehad Peshawar8Provincial
47Daily Jehan Pakistan Islamabad12National
48Daily Jiddat Peshawar8Provincial
49Daily Jurrat Peshawar8Provincial
50Daily Karak Times Karak8Local
51Daily Khabarkar Swat8Local
52Daily Khabrain Peshawar10Provincial
53Daily Khabroona Peshawar6Provincial
54Daily Lead Pakistan Peshawar8Provincial
55Daily Mahasib Abbottabad2023-04-06 00:00:00Local
56Daily Maidan Peshawar8Provincial
57Daily Mashriq, Peshawar12Provincial
58Daily Munazzam Pesahwar8Provincial
59Daily Nai Baat Peshawar10Provincial
60Daily Nation Lahore Islamabad12National
61Daily Nawa e Waqt Rawalpindi12National
62Daily Nawa-e-Hazara Abbottabad8Local
63Daily Nawa-i-Pakistan Peshawar8Provincial
64Daily Paighamat Peshawar12Provincial
65Daily Pakhtun Post Peshawar8Provincial
66Daily Pakhtunkhwa Bulletin Pwr8Provincial
67Daily Pakhtunkhwa News Mardan6Local
68Daily Pakistan Observer Islamabad12National
69Daily Pakistan Peshawar8Provincial
70Daily Pakistan Today Islamabad8National
71Daily Payam e Khyber Peshawar8Provincial
72Daily Pine Abbottabad6Local
73Daily Quaid Islamabad2023-04-08 00:00:00National
74Daily Quaid Peshawar 8Provincial
75Daily Qul Peshawar8Provincial
76Daily Riyasat Peshawar8Provincial
77Daily Sarhad News Abbottabad6Local
78Daily Sarhad Peshawar8Provincial
79Daily Shamal Abbottabad8Local
80Daily Shamal Swat8Local
81Daily Siyaq Peshawar8Provincial
82Daily Statesman Peshawar8Provincial
83Daily Subh Peshawar8Provincial
84Daily Surkhab Peshawar8Provincial
85Daily Taqat Peshawar8Provincial
86Daily The News Islamabad1930-12-01 00:00:00National
87Daily Times Peshawar8Provincial
88Daily Today’s Muslim Peshawar8Provincial
89Daily Ummat Karachi8National
90Daily Ummat Peshawar 8Provincial
91Daily Wahdat Peshawar8Provincial
92Daily Waqt Peshawar8Provincial
93Daily Watan Peshawar8Provincial
94Dialy Business Recorder Islamabad2016-08-01 00:00:00National
95Dialy Frontier Star Peshawar8Provincial
96Dialy Pakistan Islambad 10National
97Daily Frontier Post Karachi12National
98Daily Kasoti Peshawar8Provincial
99Daily Azadi Swat8Local
100Daily Nizamat Swat6Local
101Janisar-e-Pakistan Karak6Local
102Daily Awaz-e-Khyber Peshawar8Provincial
103Daily Sada-e-lawaghar Karak6Local
104Daily K-2 Times Abbottabad8Local
105Daily Nida-e-Khalaq Haripur6Local
106Daily Shahbaz,Peshawar8Provincial
107Daily Metro Times, Peshawar8Provincial
108Daily Siawish Kohat8Local
109Daily Aksriyat Peshawar8Provincial
110Daily Asas Rawalpindi12National
111Daily Jehan Islamabad12National
112Daily Ghaznavi Rawalpindi12National
113Daily Frontier Anti-Corruption8Provincial
114Daily Muhim Peshawar8Provincial